How To Prepare For Surgery

​Preparing for Surgery

Your physician has arranged a date for your surgical procedure and will provide specific instructions for you to follow.

The Day Before Surgery


Please do not plan any activities for the remainder of the day of your procedure so that you can rest and recover.

Transportation & Care

Please arrange for someone to drive you to and from Meadows Surgery Center. You cannot drive for the rest of the day after your procedure because of the sedation medications you will receive.

To protect your privacy, the person accompanying you to your procedure should be someone with whom the surgeon can discuss your health and results of the procedure.

You will need to arrange for a responsible adult to assist you with the following:

For these reasons, please have your driver come with you to the Surgery Center and stay until you are discharged.


If you have young children, we recommend you make child care arrangements for the day of your procedure. Even though our waiting room provides a friendly environment, two to three hours spent waiting can be stressful to children.

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